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imagining all directions

Self Project 2018 - ongoing

What will a Lucid SUV look like? A sophisticated yet sporty, technical but emotional, family tie with the Air sedan, but will it have a bit more rough side to it? 

I find sketching on post-its a very rewarding experience. It's quick, spontaneous, easy to look at the proportion and populate lots of ideas in no time. It's also adaptable, so at one point it could belong in a note-pad, at another it could be presented on a wall. So I decided to experiment on it on this project, or should I say I decided to experiment Lucid SUV on this post-it ideation process as I found myself repeatedly drawing a Lucid SUV on my post-its.

No definitive size or segment, I ideated on any possible upcoming Lucid offspring in the form of an SUV. 


To be continued...

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